Thanks Card Tutorial

Happy New Year Everyone!  I have enjoyed a little break and had some down time with my family and now I am ready to get going for the year.  I am excited to share a Thanks card that I made today with all of you.  I received some handwritten notes at Christmas from some friends and it reminded me how much I love notes/cards that someone has taken the time to write to me.  So one of my goals this year was to send more cards to friends/family.  To start the year off I made these Thanks cards so I thank some great family and friends for some wonderful Christmas Presents we received.

Thanks Card Thanks Card Tutorial

I love how it turned out and it was so easy to put together that my daughter Adison helped me make a bunch.  She has already written out several Thank you cards of her own!  Let me show you how easy they are to make!

Thanks Card Tutorial Thanks Card Tutorial

1. Grab your supplies – Cards, White Cardstock, scrapbook paper, corner rounder, paper cutter, ink, letters (stamps or rubon), ribbon and adhesive.

2.  My cards are 4.5 ” x  5.5″ so I cut my white paper 4″ x 5″.  The strips of patterned paper (you will need 4 per card) are 1″ x 3.25″.

3.  Once paper is cut round the corners one one side of the strips of patterned paper.

round corners Thanks Card Tutorial

4. Optional – but something I always do – Ink the edges of all of the papers.

ink edges Thanks Card Tutorial

5. Adhere the strips of patterned paper to the white cardstock.  Using a stamp, rubons or stickers put “Thanks” on the card.  Tie the ribbon onto the white card across the patterned paper strips.

ribbon card Thanks Card Tutorial

6.  Adhere the white cardstock to the card and you are done!  Now make a bunch!

Thanks Cards Thanks Card Tutorial

I just love how these turned out!  Do you like to make cards?

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  1. says

    Card-making is seriously a DYING art, but I LOVE them. People do everything by facebook, email, etc, but I’m the same was as you – I love to make cards and I quickly forget how much fun it is. Thanks for getting me thinking again!!

  2. says

    No way! What a cute idea to use the corner rounder twice like that! how come I didn’t think of that! I really like this card. I love simple designs anyway…. they are the best! Great work!!
    Thanks so much for sharing.… :)
    Have a happy weekend; hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

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